I am a musician, producer, and artist out of Los Angeles, California. Since a young age I have had all types of crazy ideas and visions that I felt have needed to be externalized. Around the age of 13 is when I started getting really influenced with everything around me. I was always into art and took classes, drew and painted religously but after understanding what graffiti and being atracted to it I decided that was what I wanted to do as an artist. I became addicted instantly, getting whatever paint I could get and painting local overpasses. I practiced as much as I possibly could and made it pretty much a full-time thing for me. This was a way of me getting out, and showing the world that I exist, while practicing my fascination of the form of letters. I’ve traveled all over, being invited to many art events, shows, and discussions. I’ve had work featured in various magazines, books, TV shows, exhibits, video games, cards, collectibles, and toys and I’m proud of every moment. My love for graffiti is still strong although I’m not as active as I once was. I still do get out and paint as much as I can though.

Around the same time I started graffiti, I started producing music. I have always been inspired by many genre’s but have strong roots with classic East Coast hip hop. I built my first low end computer around the age of 13 and got right to the digital world of music production. My passion for music has grown over the years taking it much more seriously. I produced many genres including Hip Hop, rap, downtempo, to all types of electronica. My primary focus now is Dubstep, and electronica with lots of bass but in a somewhat unconventional way.

My style I guess is somewhat unique from the typical dubstep producer, being heavily inspired by dramatic movie scores, multiple genres and styles, and different tempos. I really tend to strive for an “epic” feel that carries you from emotion to emotion throughout the course of the track. I strive for heavy bass lines, hard hitting beats, and mix between very organic to inorganic sounds. I’d say my music tends to sit somewhat in it’s own genre but most influenced by current dubstep.